Below you'll find a selection of my works. Please contact me if you would like to use these images somewhere. I'll most likely say yes; just want to know where they're going.

digital art

digital: battered & bruised digital: in the dark digital: dirty rings digital: blackened heart digital: bloody flora digital: midori digital: paleo digital: prospective digital: clotho digital: atene digital: atropos ii digital: deliquesce digital: module digital: incendium digital: diabolical

web design

web: identity web: self-portrait web: below the moon web: eta kau pi web: astrumignis web: gotta travel light web: gotta travel light v2 web: cynthialin.net web: eternalvox web: tomination web: signal room web: apex aviation photography web: astrumignis v.starfire web: kimstinger.com

graphic design

graphic design: identity 1 graphic design: identity 2 graphic design: identity 3 graphic design: identity 4 graphic design: pressure graphic design: bloodreign graphic design: birdmartian graphic design: resident evil 2 graphic design: resident evil 2 b graphic design: tomination graphic design: kitchen confidential graphic design: bobw

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